Under the guidance of Principal and Institutional IQAC Coordinator, the NAAC criteria coordinators have carried out the preparation process for institutional accreditation and assessment exercises by working closely with faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to ensure that all necessary documentation and evidence are prepared for review. The coordinator oversees the process of continuous monitoring and evaluation of various academic and administrative activities. This includes analysing data, identifying areas for improvement, and suggesting appropriate actions to enhance overall performance. The coordinator convenes regular IQAC meetings where they discuss the progress, challenges, and strategies for quality improvement with the committee members. IQAC coordinator is involved in organizing internal and external reviews or audits to assess the institution’s performance against set standards. There are regular meetings held before the beginning as well as the end of the semester.

Sr.NoName of ActivityDateDocument
1. 4th IQAC Meeting AY 2022-2323/06/2023Link
2.3rd IQAC Meeting AY 2022-2320/02/2023Link
3.2nd IQAC Meeting AY 2022-2302/01/2023Link
4.1st IQAC Meeting AY 2022-2317/12/2022Link
5.2nd IQAC Meeting AY 2022-2322/11/2022Link
6.1st IQAC Meeting AY 2022-2310/03/2022Link
7.2nd IQAC Meeting AY 2021-2211/05/2021Link
8.1stIQAC Meeting AY 2021-2220/08/2021Link
9.2ndIQAC Meeting AY 2020-2124/04/2020Link
10.1stIQAC Meeting AY 2020-2101/07/2020Link
11.1stIQAC Meeting AY 2019-2015/07/2019Link
12.2ndIQAC Meeting AY 2018-1905/04/2019Link
13.1stIQAC Meeting AY 2018-1903/10/2018Link