Internship of DYPCOEI

Why Internship is important for an Engineering Career? Engineering Education is the foundation or the basic building blocks which pave the way for the career of engineering students. It provides us engineering knowledge, practical skills, inculcates cultural, and ethical values.

However, Internship giveshands-on experience. Working in corporate culture gives a platform to understand not only teach the professional aptitude but also broadens the spectrum, widens the horizon of student’s knowledge. Internship also allows the students to procure and experience work-life balance, assists in establishing professional networks and contacts.

Education provides knowledge but internships help the students to furnish, enhance and apply their knowledge, communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking while designing the engineering systems in a team.

Internship allows the students to reflect on their professional aspects, demonstrate their potentiality, proficiency, and skills which are essential components to achieve the set goal of any engineering student. Many times, during the period of internship, students will have to enlarge their interpersonal skills to take up criticisms in a positive way.

The importance of internships for engineering students has been highlighted as:


There is always a demand for qualified and professional engineers all over the world. However, more than 60% of engineers are unemployed every year due to a lack of practical knowledge and efficiency in the assigned work. This is because they may have outstanding academic performance but having real-life experience and exposure counts a lot in today’s competitive global world, which may be lacking.

Studying for an any engineering program is different, but having hands-on experience and understanding of work culture of corporate world makes a difference in job prospects and careers. One of the most adequate ways to gain that practical experience is to go for internship. The professional development of any engineering graduate is possible only through the internship and projects based on live problems.