Industry Interaction

Industry-Institute-Interaction (I-I-I) Cell

  1. Maximum number of students should get an opportunity to present themselves for all the on-campus/off-campus placement drives.
  2. Sustain the quality standards and packages offered by the jobs offered by the recruiters
  3. Ensure that the entire team of Training and Placement (T &P) cell works according to the well-defined processes to attain the common objectives.
  4. T&P Cell will always attempt to bring together the students and the potential employing organizations to create the platform for the Campus Placement.
  5. As per the process, all the placement drives will be routed only through the T&P cell.
  6. Promote innovative ideas of the students, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Incubation Activity and Entrepreneurship
  7. Facilitate all the potential recruiters while interacting with students and provide them all the applicable information of all the students.
The I-I-I Cell, provides the exposure of new corporate trends by means of:
  1. Industrial Expert Sessions
  2. Hands on training to various technologies
  3. Industrial Internship
  4. Industrial Live Projects
  5. Industrial Visits
  6. Global Certification
  7. Project Competitions
  8. Student Training Programs
  9. Webinars with Industry experts

Objectives of I-I-I Cell

  1. To give industrial experience to Faculty members and students, thus allowing them to tune their knowledge to cope with the industrial culture
  2. To assist the Departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries
  3. Encouraging Experts from industries to visit institution to deliver sessions/ Seminar/Webinar and their participation as experts from industries, in syllabus development.
  4. To organize industrial visits for Faculty members and students
  5. To inspire Faculty members to use their expertise in solving the live problems faced by the industries. This creates an opportunity for consultancy work for the faculty.
  6. To identify the areas for development departmental value-added programmes in the areas of recent technological advances.
  7. To assist the Departmental faculty in establishing relationship with industries for taking up mini projects and final year projects
  8. To coordinate/ identify industrial partners for suggesting ‘Centre for Excellence’.
  9. To assist the Training and Placement Cell
  10. To do Memorandum of Understanding between the institute and industries to bring them together.

Our MoUs with Industry

The purpose of MOU with Industry is to minimize the gap between learning of engineering students and carrier opportunity. The industry has many new technology requirements, so industry-academic interaction plays a vital role in the placements and carrier growth for the students.

We have signed MOU with the following industries, and We love to sign MOUs with more industries who want to join hands with DYPCOEI. The MOU between DYPCOEI and industry can be helpful to both organization. MOU validity period can be flexible as per your terms.