Pre-Placement Training

Pre-Placement Training of DYPCOEI

The Pre-Placement Training at DYCOEI has been established with an objective to bridge the gap between Industrial expectations and Institutional inputs. The T&P Cell conducts pre-placement training sessions to prepare students with necessary confidence and technical skills to help them in becoming excel in their respective fields.

Learning for getting the knowledge and training for development of skills are going hand-in-hand for is continuous process in anyone’s life. After completing the graduation training act as kick-starting activity of career of student and also this training tends to act as a stepping stone and paves the path for a bright future of our students.

In order to survive and become master in today’s competitive global scenario, we at DYPCOEI T&P Cell and a placement committee which helps in arranging interviews and often helps in pre-placement training.

Following are few of the areas which are covered and students are trained in the following areas:

Pre-placement training is actually act as booster as the graduating students are not very experienced in handling technical interviews and placement approaches which leads to loss of their self-esteem. In order to crack aptitude test, personal interview and become confident performer there is always a need of such pre-placement training.

Starting from communication skill, soft skills,body language the pre-placement training gives lot of inputs in improving fundamental concepts of every student. Similarly, the students are made to realize their positives and focus domain areas in which they will become the best which eventually increases their self-esteem and they learn to represent their innovative ideas and solutions for any real-life problem. There are trained professionals in the DYPCOEI T&P Cell who are experts in practicing approaches which directly or indirectly help in motivating the students.

While getting the very first job students are always excited and they also have anxiety. Placement Cell helps the students in getting rid of this anxiety. To give brief insight of actual working environment, the Cell is also organizing industrial visits and internship activities. During pre-placement training, the mentors are able to give an idea about the expected workplace behaviour, corporate culture, decorum and workplace ethics along with even dressing sense.

Another important area for the improvement of all students is writing CV. The Pre-placement training helps in framing an effective CV which not only looks professional but also self-explanatory. The cell is also instrumental in helping the students during the interview process as well as group discussion. The members of the T&P Cell would be able to provide you with important guidelines such as body language, what to do and what to avoid during the entire process of on-campus/off-campus drives to impress the recruiters.

The summary of Pre-Placement training has been given as:

M1 Soft Skill: Soft Skills are an essential part of the improving one’s ability to work with others and can have a positive influenceto accelerate a career progression. It include attributes and personality that help to interact with others and succeed in the workplace.
M2 Fundamental Skills: This skills helps students to work more efficiently, boost their confidence and make them more valuable candidate for employers.
M3 Aptitude Skills With this skills the students develop their logical and analytical thinking, prediction and observation power as well as Memory, Concentration and Calculations.
M4 New Trends and Technologies: The new trends & technologies that are becoming popular across all the markets and industries.With various revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun.
M5 Global Certifications: Global certificationsprovides external validation that the student has the skills needed to succeed. Global Certification demonstrates student commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. These qualities can help to boost students professional credibility
M6 Internship: Internships are valuable because they help to develop student professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater entrancefor opportunity.