About T&P Cell

About T&P Cell of DYPCOEI

Training and Placement (T&P) Cell is established as an integral part of institute with an active role in career services for students. The T&P Cell is headed by Mr. Vipul Mahindrakar, Training & Placement Officer, supported by staff coordinators and student co-coordinators from each department.

T&P Cell Committee

Sr. No. Name Department Committee Designation
01 Mr. Rahul Jogender Misra T&P TPO
02 Mr. Sandesh Patil Civil Engineering T&P Coordinator
03 Mr. Sagar Dhanake Computer Engineering T&P Coordinator
04 Mr. Snehal Mangale Computer Engineering T&P Coordinator
05 Mrs. Madhuri Kethari Artificial Intelligence-
Data Science
T&P Coordinator
06 Mr. Siddharth Suman Mechanical Engineering T&P Coordinator
07 Mr. Ram Khandare First Year Engineering T&P Coordinator
08 Ms. Supriya Raut First Year Engineering T&P Coordinator
Sr. No. Name Department Committee Designation
01 Mr. Vipul Mahindrakar T&P TPO
02 Mr. Sandesh Patil Civil T&P Coordinator
03 Mr. Jordan Choudhari Computer T&P Coordinator
04 Mr. Ashok Patil Computer T&P Coordinator
05 Mr. Siddharth Suman Mechanical T&P Coordinator
05 Mr. Satish Asane FE T&P Coordinator
07 Ms. Supriya Raut FE T&P Coordinator

Objectives of Training & Placement Cell:

  1. To place final year students in respectable organizations through campus recruitment.
  2. To provide industrial training to students during their course of study.
  3. To organize lectures, seminars, group discussions, mock interviews etc. for career guidance, entrepreneurship and personality development.
  4. To provide information and assistance to students regarding opportunities for self-employment and job opportunities in India and abroad.
  5. To provide opportunities for higher studies in India and abroad.
  6. To prepare students for competitive examinations like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, GATE, CAT etc.