First Engineering

About First Year Engineering Department of DYPCOEI

The Department of First Year Engineering was established in year 2014. The teaching-learning methodology used by staff boosts the students thinking potential and lifts their critical analyzing skills. As most of the students come from the diversified social environment it becomes a need for the department that they are mentored by the staff with whom they can share their thoughts, expectations, express themselves and would feel comfortable away from home.

Most important aim of the Department is to teach the fundamental concept of basic science and basic knowledge of engineering in the first year level and thus providing a strong foundation for the rest of their undergraduate programmes. Our focus is to produce engineers equipped with modern tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems.

The students are encouraged to participate and volunteer various technical and non-technical events. To develop student’s technical knowledge and skills department has well equipped modern-aids laboratories and classroom projection facilities along with this various workshops, seminars are arranged by department for development of students as well as for faculties.

Area of Specialisation

Computer Networks & Cyber Security

Database Systems

System Software & IoT

Computer Architecture & Organization

High Performance Computing

Software Engineering

Area of Specialisation

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Networking & Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems

Computer Vision


Quantum Computing