Entrepreneurship and Incubation

Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Cell of DYPCOEI

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam has called for creating an educational system that highlights the importance of entrepreneurship. … Dr. Kalam said the education system should prepare the students to get oriented towards setting up of enterprises which will provide them creativity, freedom and ability to generate wealth.

Entrepreneurship has become essential in stimulating and sustaining the economy of any nation. The young innovative minds of the students are used to develop an entrepreneurship ecosystem. In order to provide a conducive environment for student entrepreneurs, DYPCOEI initiated this Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC).


  1. To create awareness about entrepreneurship, provide platform for skill development, conduct innovation contests and mentor the students.
  2. To provide space and basic infrastructure for student community to discuss, interact with successful entrepreneurs/ businessmen, modify their innovative proposals, incubate their ideas/ prototypes, apply for IPR and execute their business/start-up plans.
  3. Assistance the students to growcommercial ideas who are eager to become entrepreneurs but are unsure about the process to be followed.
  4. Search for self-motivated people with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive.
  5. Shapestudents with a strong work ethic who can perceive and organize business ventures by inbuilt urge to innovate, take risks, shoulder social responsibility and execute concepts innovatively.
  6. Create individuals who are ready to take the challenges in competitive global environment.


Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Linkages C-BRIDGE (Center for Business, Research, Incubation, Development, Growth and Entrepreneurship) at SPPU is set up to promote innovative start-ups through the University ecosystem. Centre would facilitate and hone ideas and innovations that are useful to the society and address some of the problems faced through development of product, process and services.