Higher Education Cell

Higher Education Cell (HEC)


To inculcate habit of life long learning to improve knowledge, skill and carrier prospects to lead them to be a productive citizen of the world.


M1. To prepare the students for competitive examinations essential for pursuing higher studies abroad and India with necessary exposure.

M2. To motivate the students to enter into global education system by fulfilling the necessary prerequisite.


  1. Creating awareness among student of various avenues for higher studies.
  2. To guide students for various competitive examinations like CAT/MAT/CAT/MET/GATE/GMAT/SAT/GRE/TOFFEL and social services.
  3. To provide foreign language training.
  4. To provide awareness program for carrier opportunities.
  5. To collect alumni data who have done higher studies.

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. To organize seminars for students in various avenues of higher studies
  2. To facilitate students to identify their aptitude for learning and the course they want to pursue.
  3. To encourage students in taking up various competitive examinations like CAT/MAT/CAT/MET/GATE/GMAT/SAT/GRE/TOFFEL and social services
  4. To provide foreign language training.
  5. To conduct or to attend foreign university exhibitions for MS and PG program.
  6. To motivate the student for management and leadership studies.

The committee members are:

Sr. No.Committee Member DesignationEmail_id
1.Prof. (Dr.) Suresh MaliChairmanprincipal.dypcoei@dypatilef.com
2.Mr. Rahul MishraCoordinatorengg.tpo@dypatilef.com
3.Prof. (Dr.) Alpana AdsulMemberhod_computer@dypatilef.com
  4.Prof. (Dr.) Latika DesaiMemberhod_aids@dypatilef.com
 5.Prof. Dipannita MondalMemberhod_fe@dypatilef.com
6.Prof. Ravindra DasputeMemberhod_mechanical@dypatilef.com
7.Prof. Yogesh NagvekarMemberhod_civil@dypatilef.com
8.Dr. Deepali SaleMemberdeepali.sale@ dypatilef.com