Vision & Mission


To achieve excellence in quality education through value based rapidly changing technologies and create technical Human-Resource with proficiencies of accepting new challenges.


M1: Continuously strive to impart value-based education to elevate the satisfaction level of all stakeholders.

M2: Take dedicated efforts to create competent professionals by effective teaching learning process with passion of lifelong learning attitude.

M3: Our endeavor is to promote and support innovative research, entrepreneurship and development activities through Industry Interaction.


M1: Adapt changes in recent trends and technologies by effective Teaching-Learning process to train the students.

M2: Prepare competent Computer Engineers to sustain in the competitive global corporate world with a spirit of good work ethics.

M3: Inculcate self and continuous learning and the ability to work in a team to share innovation and research.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO-1: To prepare graduates to apply their knowledge to solve real life problems
PEO-2: Induct Professionalism, Soft-Skills, Social Awareness, and Responsibilities among the Faculty and Students
PEO-3: Inculcate the urge for life–long learning and Professional Ethics
PEO-4: Motivate students and faculty for vertical growth and to understand new trends in Technologies