R & D Policy

R & D Policy

1. Preamble

Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering and Innovation (DYPCOEI) has been established with a vision, “Quality education through value based-rapidly changing technologies.” While achieving this vision we are bound to promote and support innovative research and development activities.

The Institute has developed excellent facilities, both in terms of infrastructure and scholastics. DYPCOEI encourages faculty members and students to undertake research projects with a commitment to serve the society. Research and development are carried in several areas like Computation, Energy, Environment, Image Processing, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Sensor Networks and Simulation studies.

To achieve high quality research ambience in the Institute, a Research & Development Centre is set up with the objective of developing the strategic plan for scientific and technology research and ensuring the implementation of such plans. The R&D Centre provides specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of academic research, sponsored research, consultancy and other R&D related activities of the Institute.

2. Research & Development (R&D) Activities

Proposed Research and Development activities are as follows:

1. Allocation and Utilization of Research funds approved by the management.
2. Support the financial assistance to the faculty and students.
3. Participation in Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, FDP etc.
4. Tracking of research publications in terms of citations in refereed Journals.
5. Establishment of Center of Excellence in the institute.
6. Registration of PhD by the faculty in recognised institutes and universities.
7. Verification of plagiarism of research papers to be published.
8. Preparing and submitting of research proposals to the funding agencies.
9. Organisation of awareness programs for IPR, preparation and registration of IPR
10. Dissemination of information of research proposals to the funding agencies
11. Preparation and applications of research proposals
12. Approval of Seed Money for filing of patents and copyrights
13. Approval of Seed Money for Prototype Projects, Innovation and Incubation
14. Approval of funds for participation in competitions
15. Organization and participations in Hackathons, Expert Lectures and Workshops

3. Guidelines for R&D Activities

Proposed guidelines for Research and Development activities are as follows:

1. Faculty should submit at least one proposal to any funding agency every year.
2. Head of the department should take the follow-up and maintain the record.
3. Department must make MoU with research organization or Industry.
4. Any research proposal must be forwarded to the management through Principal.
5. All research publications must have the institute name as a place of research
6. All IPR registered must have the institute name as an address place.
7. Authors must submit the plagiarism report to the R-&-D Cell before applying.
8. Faculty must submit a report and also give the presentation to the students and faculty.
9. Attendance proof and certificate of participation must be submitted to R-&-D Cell.
10. Advances will be granted up to 50% of the expenses on case-to-case basis.
11. Advances be must have to settled with account section within 15 working days.
12. Copy of Conference Proceedings/ Learning Materials must be given to the library.
13. Faculty has to apply OD through proper channel in advance.
14. Reimbursement of expenses will be given to the first author only.
15. Prior permission must be taken for attending Conferences, Workshops, FDP etc.

4. Application for Prior Permission

Application to filled by the faculty for prior permission of participation in R&D Activity should follow the following guidelines:

1. Application for participation must have proper justification
2. Application must be forwarded through concerned HoD and Principal
3. Application should attach with respective Brochure/ Leaflet
4. Invitation or Acceptance Letter/ email is must
5. Breakup of probable expenses must be given for approval of the management.
6. Copy of Paper/ Patent/Copyright in pdf format
7. Plagiarism Report generated must be attached to the proposal.
8. Expenses without prior approval will not be accepted.

5. Application for Reimbursement of Claim

Application for reimbursement after the R and event should follow the following guidelines:

1. Prior Approval Letter/ email of the president.
2. List of expenses item wise breakup and advance taken (if any)
3. Copy of Participation Certificate.
4. Report of the entire program along with summary and conclusion.
5. Acknowledgement of library for submission of paper/ proceeding/ study material.
6. Bank details of the faculty claiming the expenses
7. Reimbursement will be made only through the online mode after approval

6. Financial Assistance/ Incentive Schemes

Financial Assistance and Incentive schemes for the faculty and students to promote R&D activities are as follows:

Sr. No.Particulars Incentive Condition
1.Submission of Research Paper to any of the referred journalsRegistration Fees
(Maximum up to Rs. 5000/-)
Web of Science, Scopus, IEEE, Springer, ACM
2.Submission of Research Paper to any of the indexed journals

Registration Fees

(Maximum up to Rs. 2500/- )

UGC Approved Journal
3.Submission of Research Paper to any of the conferences at IIT, NIT, IIIT, IISc or any National Govt. Organization

Registration Fees

(Maximum up to Rs. 5000/-)

4.Submission of Research Paper to any of the conferences at NBA / NAAC Accredited Institute

Registration Fees

(Maximum up to Rs. 2500/- )

any Other Institute, deemed to be University
5.Attending National/International ConferenceDuty Leave to only First author of the paperMinimum one year Service of the faculty
6.Membership of Professional body/ Organization50 % of Membership feesMinimum two years Service of the faculty
7.Purchase of Book for the library100 % ReimbursementBook must be for the library
8.After Copyright awarded50 % of Registration feesOnce in a Semester
9.Filing a Patent50 % of Registration feesOnce in a Semester
10.Award of patentRs. 10,000/-Institute name in the awarded patent
11.Indian Patent Filing100 % of Registration feesInstitute name in the awarded patent
12.Research Publication in the referred journalsRs. 3000/-After publication with DOI
13.Convener of conduction of Inter National ConferenceRs. 5000/-After the successful conduction of conference
14.Convener of conduction of National ConferenceRs. 3000/-After the successful conduction of conference
15.Author of text book with Inter National PublisherRs. 5000/-After the successful publication
16.Author of text book with Inter National PublisherRs. 3000/-After the successful publication

Faculty main coordinator of FDP/STTTP/STP

(Minimum 5 days)

Rs. 3000/-After the successful completion
18.Award of NPTEL/SWAYAM Certification with Gold/ Silver Certification100% of Examination FeesAfter the successful completion
19.Award of NPTEL/SWAYAM Certification with Elite Certification50% of Examination FeesAfter the successful completion
20.Award of Professional Certification of Technical Competency100% of Examination FeesAfter the successful completion
21.Post-doctoral StudyStudy Leave with 50 % SalaryMinimum two years Service of the faculty
22.PhD registrationStudy Leave for Course work and progress presentationsMinimum Six Months Service of the faculty
23.Concession for education of children of employee50 % ConcessionAny faculty or Staff
24.Seed Money for research projectsAs Approved by the ManagementProper justification & Recommendation of HoD and Principal
25.Financial Grant Received

5 % to PI,

3 % to Co-PI,

2% to Principal

1 % HoD

1 % A/c Staff

Prior approval of management for expenditure  against Grant Received
26.Awards for best apprised faculty and StaffCash Reward of Rs. 5000 (One Time), Certificate from HoIScore more than 85 %
(not got any official Memo or warning Letter)
27.Seed Money for innovation and incubationAs per the Proposal send through proper ChannelValid Justification and approval of management is necessary