Placement Policy

Placement Policy & Guidelines of DYPCOEI

Guidelines for Student eligibility:

  1. All the students eligible for placements shall register with the Training & Placement Office (TPO) at the end of the 6th semester as per the Pro-forma provided by T & P Department.
  2. All eligible students shall have a minimum aggregate CGPA as defined by T & P Cell apart from satisfying the criteria specified by the recruiting organization/ company which may differ from company to company.
  3. A student with indiscipline case(s)will be disqualified from the campus placement process
  4. Students must attend all the training programs conducted by the institute.
  5. Students aspiring to go for higher education either in INDIA or abroad or choose any other career options outside the T&P, shall share their intention in writing with the TPO before the commencement of the 7th semester.
  6. In the case of a job fair, students should attend as per the instruction of the TPO.

Placement Policy:

  1. All students who meet the criteria as per mentioned in the eligibility criteria as mentioned above are eligible for recruitment.
  2. All students without a confirmed offer at the time of application have an equal opportunity to apply for any of the companies scheduled for their selection process.
  3. The students must accept the first confirmed offer announcement that comes their way. Students who have applied to more than one of these companies will be allowed to wait till all the results are announced for them to accept exactly one of these.
  4. Internship offers with conditional confirmation into a confirmed placement at the end of the internship period is considered just an internship offer. Consequently, the students with such offers are free to apply for other final placement opportunities. In case the company offering internship does convert it into a final confirmed offer, the student can choose between the conversion and the already secured final placement if any.
  5. Students shall not request any organization to keep an offer pending. Any such request shall be considered as a serious breach of the placement norms.
  6. They shall also not request their future employers to allow an extension of the deadline for communication of their decision regarding offers made by an organization. Such a job offer shall be treated as a final offer and the student shall not be eligible for placement assistance, thereafter.
  7. Selected students shall be obliged to honour the offer given by the organization/company to sustain the relationship of DYPCOEI with the companies. All the selected students shall give an undertaking to that effect as per a Pro-forma.
  8. Placed students either through TPO or otherwise (i.e. self) have to inform TPO for records.
  9. Placement of any student is not a claim/right. Institute shall provide an open platform to all the eligible students as per placement Guidelines.

Debar Provisions from Placement Section:

  1. The candidate submits his/her willingness to participate in any on-campus or off-campus placement recruitment drive and thereby fails to present himself/herself on the day of the placement talk (PPT)
  2. Once the candidate shortlist is published, students will attend the next event. Students must adhere to the norms of discipline and personal conduct during their interactions with company officials and their conduct in company offices. Any misbehaviour/indiscipline will attract disciplinary action which may result in permanent debar from the placement process.