Best Practices

Best Practices

1. e-MIS Academic Monitoring System2. Nature and Life

Objectives of the MIS Academic Monitoring System:

  • Monitor curriculum coverage,
  • Verify the session duration,
  • Monitor the execution consistency,
  • Track the Student’s Attendance

The goal is to improve the quality and consistency of teaching learning process.


The E-MIS provides accurate information to the administrators to identify the tracks for improvement and gives checks whether the Course Outcome standards are met, and more importantly to remark on the student’s participation in the Teaching-Learning Process.


Monitoring, Verifying and Modifying is necessary for continuous improvement and e-MIS Academic Monitoring System is our day-2-day practice for consistent academic growth.


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Blood donation camp is organized every six months at D.Y. Patil Educational Federation’s Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering Innovation, Varale Campus to practice our culture of saving nature through life.


At this time, each blood donor is given a Certificate and a Tree.


The tree is supposed to be planted in the Campus in the name of a Blood Donor and the student pledges with a promise to take care of the plant for the next few years.


Therefore, a donner is not only saving the life of another person but also taking care of nature to improve the sustainable growth of human being.


If we give something to the nature, the nature is going to give us return gift of our life. So, the Nature and Life.

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