Dean Students Welfare

Dean Students Welfare

Prof. (Dr.) Deepali Sale

PhD, M.E (EnTC)
Dean Students Welfare,

In DYPCOEI, various Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities are regularly conducted along with regular Academic activities and students are continuously inspired and motivated to participate in these various activities to ensure the overall development of the students. The curricular activities at DYPCOEI include Workshops, Seminars, Expert Lectures and Industrial Trips for the students, by the students.

The activities like Singing, Dancing, Playing Musical Instruments, Compering, Skit, Band, Stand-up Comedy, Poetry, Fashion Show etc. help to develop self-confidence, cultural interest, creativity and sense of cooperation among students.

Student activities are broadly classify into following four categories:

DYPCOEI celebrates days of National and International importance as Republic Day, Women’s Day, Independence Day, Teacher`s day, Human Right Day, International Yoga Day, plastic free day etc. These celebrations nurture the moral, ethical and social values in the students. Gender Sensitization The college has Women Grievance Cell and Grievance Redressal Cell to provide counselling to students, promote gender equity among students and also deal with related issues of safety and security of female students, staff and faculty. DYPCOEI campus is secured with CCTV surveillance.

The institutes believe and follow gender equality by providing equal opportunities to study, work together and lead in every activity. Gender equality is responsibly practiced by the institution. The same is taught using audit courses named “social responsibility”. Management of the institute is regularly checking the smooth atmosphere of the classrooms to avoid any untoward gender violation. Girls and boys both are allowed to express their views while delivering sessions and executing students’ activities. Seminars, women’s day celebration, workshops are conducted to teach students about the importance of gender equality.

Since extracurricular activities are strictly voluntary, we often reveal a student’s untapped interest while introducing new, practical skills that correlate to other areas of life, like writing, public speaking, computing, and problem solving.

More significantly, the benefits of participating in college activities include character development, since extracurriculars emphasize teamwork, accountability, and compassion.

Extracurricular college activities target the student as a whole person; they are not simply a passive classroom learner. In fact, by joining the college activity students are exposed to challenging situations and they are getting greater opportunity for transformative growth.

If student want to become a curious, agile thinker, consider DYPCOEI students activity forum. Our outstanding cocurricular and extracurricular activities can enhance your confidence as we prepare you for college and beyond.