HOD Desk

Prof. Yogesh D. Nagvekar

M.Tech.(Civil Engineering ),
HOD of Civil. Dept.

Civilization is a continuous process to provide comforts for mankind. Civil Engineering involves utilization of scientific knowledge for welfare of human beings. Over the years, shelter, water & communication have remained always on priority in national planning. Every construction activity – tunnels, roads, dams & canals, involve use of Men, Machines, Money & Materials. Population growth & urbanization have invited new problems in urban planning such as water supply, waste disposal, transportation & global warming.

To overcome all these problems in infrastructural development & to build tomorrow’s India, role of Civil Engineer remains of prime importance even in the era of modern technology. Civil Engineering department in Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering & Innovation, Pune was established in the year 2014. The department is enriched with well equipped & sophisticated instruments, experienced & dedicated teaching faculty members in all specializations of all disciplines of Civil Engineering. Besides central library, departmental library provides various reference books and Journals. Students are encouraged for sponsorship based academic projects for undergraduate course. Many research-based projects are taken up to develop intellectual property for students. The department also plans to develop testing and consultancy services in various disciplines of Civil Engineering which will benefit the students as well as department.