Research Development

Research Development of Mechanical Department

Project Group Details 2019-20
Group No. Domain Title of Project Sponsership Details
1 Thermal Solar Power Refrigeration System Inhouse
2 Design Design And Experimental Investigation Of Synthetic Jet For Electronic Cooling Enhancement Inhouse
3 Design Electromagnatic Engine Inhouse
4 Production Multidirection Rotation Dumping Trailer Inhouse
5 Production Frictionless Electricity Generation From Automobile Wheels Inhouse
6 Design Design And Fabrication Of Electrical Foldable Bike With Solar Charger Inhouse
7 Production Testing And Optimizing Process Parameters Of Manufacturing Lithophane Inhouse
8 Design Parallel Parking Using Fifth Wheel Inhouse
9 Design Design & Fabrication Of Pneumatic Sheet Metal Shearing Machine” Inhouse
10 Production Automatic Pnumatic Bumper For 4 Wheeler With Auto Braking System Inhouse
11 Design Design And Fabrication Of A Manually Operated Multipurpose Vehicle Inhouse
12 Design Development Of Solar Operated 3 In 1 Agriculture Mechanism Inhouse
13 Production Optimization Of 316Ss Weld Joint Characteristics By Using Taguchi Method Inhouse
14 Production Manufacturing And Testing Of Glass Fiber Composite Leaf Spring In Light Weight Vehical Inhouse
15 Design Design And Development Of Filament Making Device For 3D Printing Machine Inhouse
16 Thermal Electicity Generation Suspension System For Mopaid Inhouse
17 Design Design & Development Of Lever Operated Wheel Chair Inhouse
18 Design Design And Development Of Automatic Waste Segregation System. Inhouse
19 Design Development Of Fire Hazaed Emergyncy Evacuation Kit Inhouse
20 Design Design And Fabrication Of Abrasive Machine Inhouse
21 Thermal Analysis Of Heat Transfer In A Channel With Array Of Dimpled Rectangular Pin Fin Inhouse
22 Thermal Involex Wind Turbine Inhouse
23 Design Modelling And Analysis Of Cooling Of Electronic Packaging Using Synthetic Jet Impingment Inhouse
24 Production Development And Manufacturing Of Pneumatic Sheet Bending Machine Inhouse
25 Design Hub Play Measurement Inhouse
26 Design Design And Development Of Hybrid Water Cooler Inhouse
27 Design Design Of Maglev Vertical Axis Windturbine Inhouse
28 Design Design Of Exoskeleton Arm With Pneumatic Muscle Actuation Inhouse
29 Production Development Of Automatic Pneumatic Bumper And Braking System Inhouse
30 Thermal Insight’S Of Performance Monitoring Of Radiator Coolant Inhouse
31 Production Develpoment Of Vacuum Based Seed Sowing Mahine Inhouse